See the Possibilities

A Girl and Her Imagination

New children’s book from daughter and mother writing team, Jaelle & Myiesha J. Duff!

the Book

A Girl and Her Imagination takes you on a visual journey through the curious mind of a 6 year old child who sees life full of possibilities. Join Jaelle as she imagines herself successfully being anything she wants to be.

The Authors

Myiesha J. Duff is a wife, mother of three, musical theatre actress, elementary school teacher, singer, and songwriter. She’s overjoyed to add “published children’s book author” to her list of skills and accomplishments. She’s been writing poems and songs since she was a little girl, so this book seems to bring everything full circle. Being able to share this experience with her oldest daughter, Jaelle, is a priceless and precious memory! 

Jaelle Duff is a creatively gifted 6 year old (at the time of this publication). During the 2020 pandemic, Myiesha instructed her to use her vast vocabulary and creativity to create a story. Wanting everything to be spelled and said correctly, Jaelle asked her mom to write the words and she would draw the pictures. Seeing this book come to life is so exciting for Jaelle and she looks forward to writing more books and stories.